Factional Math Game

fractional math gameHere’s a simple but fun game that will help your children understand fractions.

Supplies needed:
Fraction Strips/Tiles
Fraction Dice

To play the game, simply use the whole fraction strip as the base and roll the dice. Each player is to roll the dice and try to find a combination of fractions from the resulting roll which will total a whole. The first player to successfully find a combination of fractions that equals a whole wins the game. The game goes quickly.

You could easily make this game for free by putting stickers over regular dice and writing fractions on them. Here are some FREE printable Fraction strips from Printable Math Worksheets. You can print them in color or black & white.

You could also change the rules to suit depending on the number playing and their skill level.

Please let us know how you use this simple little game with your kids.



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