Military Bases Embrace Homeschooling

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Image from news article AP Photo/Susan Walsh

In recent years more and more parents have opted to take control of their children’s education and started homeschooling them. This trend is also being seen on many military installations as well, today more military parents are opting to homeschool their children than ever before.

The average military family moves every three years, which means the children in those families have to change schools once every three years. Those changes can be hard on both the children and the parents. This may help explain why this trend is growing even faster on military bases.

About three percent of children are homeschooled in America, and it’s estimated that nearly nine percent of children from military families are homeschooled. (Military Child Education Coalition) Homeschooling for military families seems to make very good sense and offers more flexibility and control for everyone concerned.

The following story By KIMBERLY HEFLING Associated Press found on sheds more light on this growing trend at our military bases.

ANDREWS AIR FORCE BASE, Md. — A growing number of military parents want to end the age-old tradition of switching schools for their kids.

They’ve embraced home-schooling, and are finding support on bases, which are providing resources for families and opening their doors for home-schooling cooperatives and other events.

“If there’s a military installation, there’s very likely home-schoolers there if you look,” said Nicole McGhee, 31, of Cameron, N.C., a mother of three with a husband stationed at North Carolina’s Fort Bragg who runs a Facebook site on military home schooling.

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I think we all can agree that homeschooling is more excepted today then say 20 years ago and that the number of children being homeschooled is on the raise here in the United States. Given the fact that military kids have to move so often it only makes sense that this trend may be growing even faster with parents serving in the military.

We hope you found this article enlightening, I know I did, and if so we’d like to get your thoughts on it. Especially if you are a member of a military family with children near or of school age.



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