Take Your Homeschool to the Beach

The following is copied from an email I received the other day from homeschool.com that was sponsored by Gulf Shores. The email began with the following paragraph: 

Combine a family vacation with a host of active learning opportunities. In Gulf Shores and Orange Beach, design your days to explore nature, history, naval, scientific or cultural activities to spark your children’s sense of wonder, discovery, and enlightenment. 

The remainder of the email outlined an itinerary complete with links to points of interest, cultural activities, and historic sites in the area. After reading through the email one of my first thoughts was that this was great for homeschoolers who live in the area, but what about everyone else? Then I realized that if nothing else this would make a great template that anyone could use to customize a learning vacation for their own area.

Simply change “Coast” to “Mountains”, Prairies”, “Plains” and so on. “Water” could be “Lakes”, “Glaciers”, “Deserts” and of course “Wildlife and “History” can be found everywhere. Next, research and add your own links to points of interest, cultural activities, and historic sites in your own area.

So please feel free to develop your very own learning vacation using the following as a template and please share it in the comments below.

Here’s the rest of the email/template:


  • Alabama’s beautiful beaches are the perfect place for a lesson on tides, sea life and dune conservation.
  • Take a family fishing trip to learn how our waters, sea life and eco-system are protected with sustainable fishing practices.
  • Climb on board a dolphin cruise, or take part in a shrimp or oyster excursion.
  • Explore Alabama’s Coastal Connection, an award-winning National Scenic Byway.


  • Take a ferry ride to Dauphin Island Sea Lab for an introduction to the Mobile Estuary system.
  • Observe rare plant and animal species, and wetlands restoration at Graham Creek Nature Preserve.
  • Explore the Mobile-Tensaw Delta, America’s second largest river delta and home to more than 300 species of birds, 126 species of fish, and 500 species of plants.


Come explore Alabama’s beautiful beaches, and leave with newfound knowledge and family memories to last a lifetime. Order a vacation guide and start planning today.



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