Your Favorite Homeschool Organization or Support Group

What do you say?We all have our favorites. Our favorite shirt, our favorite food, our favorite subject, our favorite author and the list goes on. We also like to talk about our favorite things in life and if we believe they may help others we want others to know about them as well.  With that in mind we decided to create a series of review pages on our website where you can do just that, review your favorite ________ and in this case we’re talking about your favorite homeschool organization and/or support group.


We’ve made it really easy to do by providing you with a review form which you’ll find below. The form itself is very simple to use, at the very top you’ll have the opportunity to rate the organization or support group with 1 to 5 stars, simply click the radio button that corresponds with the number of stars you wish to give it. The next 3 lines are for your name, your email address, and your website (if you have one). The “Review Title” should be filled in with the name of the organization or support group you are going to review. The last and larger box is where you post your review.


For some really good tips on writing a great review please visit this page on Google. It’s a short list of bullet points that you can use as a guide to help you write a really good and useful review.


By submitting your review in the form below you agree to give us permission to publish it on this website for others to see. Before posting your review here we also recommend that you read our legal notices, terms of use and privacy policy.